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Our most Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your designs ‘Unique’?

All plans are drawn to the Client’s specific needs and desires, as no two people are the same. Each plan is as individual as you. Clients want their home to express who they are, so when they move into their new home, they have achieved an ‘expression of themselves’ and as a result evolved as one. Our designs are created to compliment every aspect of your land. By designing to suit your aspect you achieve excellent energy saving thermal and acoustic qualities. This is of the utmost priority in today’s society.

Do we have to use your Architect/Designer or can we use ours?

We have no objections to building your home from your plans and specifications. We can build anything as long as you own your design, as copyright applies.

Will I see you on site after we sign the contract?

You won’t be able to keep me away. From the moment we have our first meeting our relationship will begin to flourish. We pride ourselves on quality; you cannot get quality unless you have proper supervision. Our name and reputation is on the line, when you put on other people to do your job, they just go home at night and their livelihood is not affected at all if they do not supervise properly. With years of on-site experience, and my background as a qualified carpenter by trade, only I can say if a job is good enough or not. Too many builders have young unapproachable supervisors with their own ideas but not the experience, not us.

Do you have plans we can look at to use on our block with prices attached?

I can only show you previous work and let you know what the inclusions were and how much it costs to build. You will see how a square metre rate cannot apply when size and price differ so much between homes. Sometimes a much smaller home can be more expensive than a larger one this all comes about due to fit out.

How long will construction take?

I like to give myself a reasonable amount of time to build your home that you have spent endless hours designing in your mind before it went to the Architect for perfection then it came to me to create. You don’t spend all those hours creating just for a builder to rush your dream. A builder may commit to a shorter construction period only for you to find that for one it was unrealistic and two the quality and detail of work was not up to standard, this is due to the builder not having sufficient time to inspect and reinspect the tradesman’s work. We pride ourselves on quality and finish, an artist needs time to perfect and so do we. If you are not concerned about quality and finish then we are not the builder’s for you.

Are you a project builder and what is the difference?

We are not a project builder therefore no two homes are the same. A project builder have set plans and set prices. Their trades do the same work on different blocks, just repeated designs. We build what you have in your heart, you can walk away and say this is exactly what I designed and it is exactly what I want. By building with a project builder you are building someone else’s dream and you will live in someone else’s dream. History has proven that if for some reason if you sell your home, a home will sell for a higher price and also quicker if it is unique.

Can you give me a square metre rate for building costs?

Our homes are Unique. A square metre rate does not apply, due to the level of finish and design criteria. Unforseen costs such as subterranean profile may influence the final cost of construction.