House of Happiness


This “La maison du Bonheur,” translated from the French meaning “House of Happiness,” has been awarded the Brisbane House of the Year, and the Best Home Over $5M Brisbane by the Housing Institute of Australia.

The MBA Judging Panel said, “This magnificent project has brought all facets of the construction process together, showing extremely high levels of quality, design and workmanship to express itself in the form of a home.

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The supervision required to achieve this quality on this scale of project has culminated in an exquisite residence for the extremely happy and proud Owners. Stunning from start to finish.” This home won the prestigious award in the highest category for the Master Builder’s Individual Home award for Brisbane, the Master Builder’s House of the Year Award for Brisbane, as well as the Housing Industry Associations highest category for Individual Home award Brisbane, resulting in this home achieving a total of three major awards in one year!

MBA Award House of the Year – Brisbane - Award

New Home Build – Construction Project – Belmont – Brisbane QLD

MBA Award House of the Year – Brisbane - Client Testimonial

Housing Industry Association for Custom Built Home over $5M

Welcome to “The House of Happiness”

Where serenity will be your constant companion

The Master Builder’s 2020 Brisbane Home of the Year makes a statement like no other. What has been achieved in the fabric of this beautiful artisan home set on manicured lawns and formal gardens in the outer suburban acreage estate east of Brisbane is simply breathtaking.

Design Inspiration

The inspiration of this home was conjured by many facets of memories, feelings and pride from family stories of lives lived in Europe, England and Cyprus. The intention was to weave this family history together with a love of travel and thirst for knowledge to create this classic, timeless home. Incorporating wonderful characteristic infusions of French and English design with a twist of contemporary décor pieces within the elegant interior, this home provides a chronicle of family antiquity.

Emotion, Sentiment & Holistic Approach to Construction

One of the most important aspects of the home is one that is not seen but felt when you enter the property; the peacefulness and tranquillity of leaving a busy world outside. A wonderful blend using ancient and cultural methods and a holistic approach was implemented in the forms of Feng Shui and Geomancy methods, which have been carried out through the building process.

The Owners approached the building process as they approach life; with an open heart and mind.
Everything that sits on this property and within the home has been meticulously thought-out and instigated. Each layer of the build has been chosen with conscientious attention to detail, from:

  • the stone imported from Turkey,
  • the bolection mouldings (Shaker Style Wall Panelling),
  • the drywall stone hand-cut by men in Greece,
  • the stonemason who is fifth generation mason from the British Isles,
  • the French Oak parquetry timber boards from France and Belgium,
  • the cellar timber floorboards resurrected from a World War 11 bomb shelter bunker in Russia,
  • to the old pennies found in the demolished home now reside in the stone cavities of the fireplace walls in the pool Pavilions.

The colour of the pool tiles represents the waters surrounding the Greek Islands. The formal gardens and vegetable gardens replicate the Owner’s Great-Grandmother and Grandmothers’ gardens in France and England. The home’s colour palette consists of classic warm shades of whites and greys to complement the lighting temperature of the home. The lighting was essential to create the mood of the home and each room in particular. Notice the ‘brush strokes’ on the hand-painted joinery, promoting a more relaxed temperament to the finish of this particular surface.

Home Automation & Personalisation

Using modern home automation allowed the Owners to create the scenes needed to personalise each room’s character. Family heirlooms take pride and place within the house, standing testament to its history and the history, which will be forged looking into the future. Their children now have a legacy to continue and this will echo for eternity.

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