River House Of Sorrento

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An outstanding new build featuring elements such as galvanised corrugated iron, concrete render and timber slated walls combine to produce a luxurious residence on the river.

New Home Build – Custom Design & Construction Project – Sorrento – Gold Coast QLD

Our clients came to us to have this home rebuilt from scratch. They had owned the land for quite some time and loved the location, neighbourhood and river setting. We literally removed every part of the home and only left a few perimeter walls standing to keep the offsets. Completely rebuilt, this grand residence, with the grounds landscaped into a private oasis of specimen trees with stepping stones leading to the river’s edge commands a great deal of respect. This home renovation project was extremely labour intensive, and we left nothing to chance. Each detail was finessed to ensure the finished product was a unique statement designed just for our clients. You will never see this home anywhere else. From galvanised corrugated iron features, concrete render, timber slated walls and dividers, bamboo flooring, raked ceilings, this home was everything and more to our clients.

So unique, the design stands the test of time alone and can be admired for its individuality and calmness, sitting seamlessly on the river.

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